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Hydrogen Fuel Celled Vehicles (HFCV) to be seen in Nepalese roads. DSM Global, the name that has been associated with many automotive scenes in Nepal will be importing the Hydrogen Fuel Celled Vehicles. DSM GLOBAL COMPANY is also the authorised distributor of German SUV,
Borgward, Ampere Electric scooters from India. They have partnered with Grove Hydrogen Automotive to import the vehicles and the hydrogen gas.

Grove Hydrogen Automotive is an independent car company headquartered in Wuhan, China with design Centre in Barcelona, Spain. It is said to be world’s first hydrogen fuel cell-only mass production company. It was established by the Chinese Institute of Geosciences and Environment, which currently manufactures and distributes hydrogen extracted from industrial waste.

Hydrogen power fuel cell passenger cars are the only zero emission alternative drive option to battery electric vechiles for motorized private transport. HFCV uses hydrogen gas to power an electric motor. It combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity which runs a motor. Since they’re powered entirely by electricity, fuel cell vehicles are considered electric vehicles
but unlike other EVs, their range and refueling processes are comparable to conventional cars and trucks. As little as 5 kgs of hydrogen can power some cars for 1000 kms. As per Mr Devshworup Maharjan, the man behind DSM Global, the process to fill hydrogen gas in HFCV is
similar to that of conventional gasoline vehicles. The hydrogen gas station look and function almost similar to that of normal gas station.

Groove Hydrogen Automotive not only focuses on the power terrain, but also tends to use light weight material for efficiency. To maximize this they have an advanced combination of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Body, aluminium and other advanced materials. Use of such materials also allows the vechile to be safer during collision. Groove auto focuses on clean manufacturing and renewable materials. Their production process avoids the heavy welding and painting procedures of traditional cars. They additionally work with new renewable materials for outer body and interior structure parts that offer both strength andl ongevity, while at the same time offering superior weight characteristics.

Groove auto was launched at the Shanghai Motor Show, 2019 where they showcased a concept car designed by Italian styling house Pininfarina. Grove is currently developing a range of hydrogen-powered vehicles, beginning with a four-door SUV called the Obsidian, which was also on display in Shanghai. The firm has said that this machine will have a range of up to 625 miles, with a powertrain that use regenerative charging to regain energy under braking. The production of the vechile is stated to begin in 2020.

For Nepal, its expected that the brand will start it operation by 2023 which was perviously 2022. The first vechile will be the odisian SUV. The SUV will be above 5 meter in length and will be have
4WD. It will only take three minutes to fill the hydrogen tank which will deliver upto 1200 kms. The electric motor will produce 200 kw of power and 530 Nm of torque.

It would be intresting to see such a vehicle with dynamics of a battery electric vechiles
but convention of traditional ICE vechiles.


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