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Detailing is the process of using rejuvenation techniques and methods to make a vehicle look, smell, and feel brand new.
We at Autocars Nepal too wanted to see what happens in interior detailing. So we went to SENSHA Nepal to get knowledge of what interior detailing is. SENSHA is Japanese brand that premiers in car exterior and interior coating and car detailing.

In the beginning ROOM CLEANER is used. It is a Alkaline cleaner for car interior fabric & plastic. It is used for not only the general dirt, but also such stubborn stains such as tarof tobacco. In addition, very effective even when the juice stains and food spills, such as vomiting. It is used in all fabric and plastic parts of interior.

Then Cubeo is used. It turns germs and other causes of bad oder to harmless CO2 and water with it s strong oxidative decomposition capabilities. By dissolving the cause of bad oder, it provides long term effects such as anti-virus, anti-bacterial, mold proof, contamination prevention, group infection prevention. Depending upon the level of smell and odor, appropriate level of TITACERAN is used.

Then for leather components Leather Clean is applied. Leather Clean is used to peel off and float dirt which clogged on leather part surfaces by its cleaning components agent in the liquid component. It is used in center console, seats and all other leather components in the interior.

To remove stains Interior Stain Cleaner, a dedicated product for removing stains on fabric seats and carpets of a car. It is used on Fabric seats or sofas, floor mats, carpets, fabric walls or , fabric products. It decomposes stains and dirt and after this, they will be peeled off from a surface and float on the surface for removal. Its acidic nature allows harsh stains to come off easily. Then the whole interior flooring and seats are vacuumed to gets rid of any dirt.

At last Room Wax is applied. Plastic part is one of material that stand out of aging especially among the parts of the car. Interior parts degradation which is lost luster and altered in white make us feel the old formula to more than a year.  Room Wax brings the luster of interior parts and protect from aging. It brings shine and glow in the interior parts. It is possible to use for vinyl or artificial leather material and most of the interior panels and parts.

Apart from this SENSHA NEPAL also promises to sanitize cars that visits their store for any kind of services, including Special wash, Exterior Detailing, Interior Detailing, Polishing, or Coating. The labour team at SENSHA NEPAL is well trained to ensure a professional work for your car. SENSHA NEPAL also is soon preparing to introduce PAINT PROTECTION FILM(PPF) which helps protecting your car’s factory default paint.

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