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Mahindra and Mahindra the leading manufactures of UV,s in the South Asian market is betting the segment since a long time. The number of Scorpio lovers was and is increasing day by day due to it’s off-road capabilities and Mahindra’s strong heart under the hood.

Scorpio Pick-up got a facelift last year and was re-launched. The Scorpio gets a powerful M-Hawk engine that produces around 140hp of power which we can feel around the corner edges of Kathmandu valley.The practicality of this pickup is much more higher than the regular 7 or 8 seater Scorpio series. If you dont require the third row seats very often then this pickup makes alot of sense.

The S10 varient of the Pickup costs around 41 lakhs which is decent enough. Because almost the features you get in the S11 varient of the regular Scorpiuo that costs around 70 lakhs you get around 30 lakhs cheaper,only the thing that’s ,missing above the chasis is the third roe of occupancy which seems a good deal. Both the varients get dual airbags,ABS,EBD as a standard package.Along with,the S10 varient gets a touch screen infotaintment system. Five colours options are available that includes Silver,White,Black,Red and the Blue colour options.

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