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Is Nepal’s Automobile Market also leading towards Electrification?

The 2108 NADA Auto Show has just ended. There we saw a significant growth of electric cars too. According to the officials, the demand for electric vehicles (EV’s) has been increasing and automobile companies have been introducing EV’s. The 13th edition of NADA 2018 pulled in 65,000 visitors.

This year from four-wheeler side too we saw many new entrants. Hyundai Motors, Renault and Tata were among the new entrants. Nepal, where electric cars are more beneficial to purchase due to very low duty (only 25%) on import, more and more people are adopting electric cars. The new entrants include models like Hyundai Ioniq, Renault Zoe, Mahindra Verito eV and Tata Tigor eV.

Laxmi Intercontinental, the authorized distributor of Hyundai cars in Nepal showcased its 2018 Ioniq at the auto show. The Ioniq Electric has an 88 kW (120 PS) electric motor with 295 Nm of torque, and can be charged up to 80% in 33 minutes at 50 kW or in 24 minutes at 100 kW with a DC fast charging station. The car is a pure electric one and comes feature loaded. The car’s price is said to be around Rs 53 lakhs.

Advanced Automobiles, the authorized distributor of Renault cars in Nepal showcased its Europe focused all electric car the 2018 Zoe. Zoe comes with a new Z.E. 40 battery developed at Renault’s Flins plant in France which has a claimed range of up to 400km under NEDC (New European Driving Cycle). In real world driving condition, this figure stands at 300km. It can be charged up to 80% in just 65 minutes via quick charger. The car is said to arrive by 2019.

Sipradi Trading, the authorized dealer of Tata cars in Nepal showcased the Electric version of its styleback Tigor, the Tigor eV. It is powered by a 3 phase AC induction motor that provides a maximum of 30 kW @ 4500 rpm, which has a claimed average of over 130 km. This EV can be fully recharged in 6 hours with a normal charger and in 1.5 hours with a fast charger. The prices are said to be around Rs30 lakhs.

Agni Inc. the authorized dealer of Mahindra cars in Nepal showcased its electric variant of verito sedan, the Verito eV. It is powered by 3-phase 72V induction motor producing 30.5 kW of power and 91 Nm of torque. The electric sedan can be charged at home through fast charging technology and takes around one hour and 45 minutes for one full charge. On one full charge, the sedan is claimed to travel up to 110 kms.


Other than this other electric cars like the Kia Soul eV,  was also present at the show. Besides at the market a new Chinese brand has also made its way to the country, BYD with its e6 hatchback.


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